We are 0XZQ, a vibrant and dynamic community that celebrates the journey of human civilization through the ages. Our name, 0XZQ, embodies a powerful narrative that represents the evolution of humanity, from its ancient origins (0-Generation Zero Aliens) to its modern innovations(xz-Generation X and Z Humans), and towards the promising future (q-Generation Future) yet to be realized.

About Us

Collection NFT

Alien 0XZQ is a collection of 10,000 NFT characters created to participate in TON ecosystem.
QYZMET (Founder) of the project decided to launch his collection and in the future Play to Earn game on TON blockchain.
The visionary mind behind Alien 0XZQ, invites you to explore a groundbreaking TON NFT collection featuring innovative adaptive characteristics. With a decade-long journey in the crypto world and a diverse background, including advising mayors and managing entrepreneurship schools, I've crafted Alien 0XZQ to seamlessly integrate into any Web3 game.


Founder 0XZQ


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